The Store

Everything in here is something that somebody on the network wanted.

99% of the time that ‘somebody’ was the founder ~minder-folden.

Mainly he wanted to rep the project the best way he knew how: graphic t-shirts & hats.

After a quick conversation with the folks over at Tlon, they agreed that ~minder-folden could print whatever he wanted for people, as long as he didn’t print the Nock specs.

So don’t ask.

Have an idea for something you think would take off? Shoot him a note on the network.

The Founder

~minder-folden is a professional performer, speaker, author, and consultant specializing in leveraging persuasive psychology in life & business.

He found Urbit in late 2018 and he’s been hooked ever since.

He also runs one of the longest-running groups on the network that has gone through a variety of changes & breaches.

You can find it here: ~minder-folden/valeria-city